Our Fabrics

Mindful of our commitment to ethical practices, Andéol Moiré’s focus is holistic. In addition to using natural, biodegradable fabrics of exceptional quality, so too are the materials we use including threads, buttons and labels. Above all, we value the creativity and craftsmanship of artisan communities and endeavour to support and protect their traditions. We partner with quality and ethical suppliers such as Libeco Belgian Linen, Woolmark Company and Artisans of Fashion. 

All our fabrics are carefully selected based upon their technical performance attributes. In addition to our practical residential and commercial upholstering and soft furnishing fabrics, we have also introduced hand-woven fabrics to this range, possessing rich textural qualities. For certification and practical use details regarding specific fabrics, please get in touch. 

We can, upon request, also offer additional post-printing certified treatments to selected fabrics and products to increase the longevity of their colourfastness and lightfastness (to prevent fading via sun damage from UVA and UVB rays including curtains and cushions, for example, intended to be used temporarily outdoors). In addition, we can also provide certified water-resistant treatments to protect our fabrics and goods from spills. 

Every effort is made to ensure that the products supplied correspond as closely as possible to samples or images shown on our website, on our social channels and in press coverage. However, subtle variations of fabric weave and texture plus printed colour during printing processes will occur from bolt to bolt. As many of our fabrics are hand-woven and naturally dyed, slight degrees of variations of weave, colour and texture will occur from bolt to bolt including the occasional trace of dried plant matter or a loose thread. These are not flaws, but results of their creation (we fondly refer to them as 'perfect imperfections,' especially referring to the hand-woven silk). 

Our limited edition fabrics are suitable for a variety of interior decorative soft furnishing and upholstery purposes plus clothing and accessory uses.